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At Gavin's Village, we understand the power of helping you to experience self-healing and transformation, along with providing you with the tools and resources needed to reclaim your life energy and find inner balance. Our community recognizes that this process occurs through two crucial steps:


Step 1:

Increasing Consciousness and Identifying Energy Losses
Our holistic approach begins with raising consciousness to identify emotional drains such as:

  • Loneliness
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Hopelessness

These energy losses often manifest as disrupted eating or sleeping patterns, brain fog, irritability, lack of motivation, racing thoughts, or social withdrawal.

Step 2:

Empowering Healthy Adaptation and Renewal

Gavin's Village guides you in adapting and coping with these energy losses, empowering you to take control of your well-being. Through our

  • Online courses
  • Audio books
  • Podcasts
  • Community

We offer invaluable resources to help you renew your life energy and regain a sense of balance and fulfillment.


Whether You're Seeking To Improve... 

Your health and well-being or desire to deepen your spiritual practice and make a positive impact on the world, Gavin's Village is the place where you’ll know you are never alone. Gavin’s Village welcomes people of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs, similar to the African philosophy of Ubuntu, which reminds us that "I am because we are".

Gavin’s Village is named after a brave soul, my son, Gavin Marcus Armiento, who passed at the early age of 7 weeks old. When you take advantage of the resources offered by this village you'll discover your personal self-improvement path towards increased self-awareness, self-healing, inner joy, connection, and transformation which comes from belonging to a community that embraces the values of compassion, authenticity and a genuine concern for one another.

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"Mark is deeply committed to helping people grow personally and spiritually. With his formidable skills and creativity his greatest gift is the personal presence and his commitment to accompanying people in their times of need. He is a blessing to all he serves.”

Fr. James Maher

President of Niagara University

"Our coaching staff considers Mark Armiento an invaluable resource for not only our players but for our support and guidance in many major decisions that we make as a staff. Mark has helped our team in a multitude of areas. We have seen tremendous personal and performance growth in all of our players who have sought his counseling. Mark is an instrumental piece in achieving our aim of empowering the young women in our program to great success on and off the field”.

Ian Stone

Head Coach St. John’s University Women’s Soccer

"I actually called Mark a Jedi Knight. Everything about him is simply amazing; his knowledge is ridiculous. The way he hypnotizes this room seriously touches me. I could go on forever, but let’s face it: I could sum it all up with one word, and that word is inspired!”

Ken C.

Addictions Program Director

Helping You To Balance:

Gavin's Village Community of Resources

Life Balance Advantage Bootcamp

Break free from life's sleepwalk and reclaim your happiness with the Life Balance Online Course. This transformative, self-paced program empowers you to take control and enjoy the life you deserve. The Life Balance Advantage Bootcamp course consists of 75 lessons, extending over 15 hours of instruction through short intro videos, lecture instruction sessions, including a course manual containing personal assessment exercises and supporting audio podcasts.  Plus, as a member of Gavin's Village Community, you'll connect with expert Mark Armiento and fellow students, sharing stories of success and challenges. Don't wait – enroll now and embark on your journey to a fulfilling life.

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Spiritual Advantage; Live Only In This Moment

Awaken to the importance of learning how to balance your spiritual health, aligning with your life's purpose and attain a passionate and meaningful life that leaves a legacy; helping you to live in this present moment, avoiding past regrets and negative future concerns.

The Spiritual Advantage course consists of multiple lessons, extending over many hours of instruction through short intro videos, lecture instruction sessions,  personal assessment exercises and supporting audio podcasts. 

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Mark Armiento’s  Podcasts 

42 podcasts focusing on self-awareness, meditation, and self-development by embracing the true advantage of a more balanced lifestyle. A lifestyle where each one of us strives to become more: physically energized, emotionally centered, mentally focused, interpersonally connected and spiritually aligned.

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Sleepwalking On A Tightrope

NOW is the time to begin your process of self-awakening, reduce the adversity in your life and recover from the wounds of your past. Awaken to your authentic self by attaining true life balance; learning practical strategies which unite your physical, emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual energies.

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Gavin's Village Community

  • Judgment-Free Zone
  • Members encouraged to share experiences without judgment.
  • Platform to collectively navigate life's challenges and triumphs.
  • Offers a positive atmosphere for holistic development.
  • Support for Challenges and Personal Growth:
    - Welcoming space for those facing challenges or seeking personal growth.
  • Emotional, Spiritual, and Mental Wellness:
  • Focus on support and connection in the journey towards holistic well-being.
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Let's Get You On The Path To Peace

A Spiritual Sense Of Things


  • The serious nature of an unfulfilled spirit
  • The "equality of 5" principal
  • Strategies for discovering true connectedness and spirituality
  • The Life Balance Advantage mindset
  • How to avoid the ‘dark enemies” in your life
  • Understanding the 5 facts of being fully human.
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Life Balance Coaching Session


Most Popular

  • A private Life Balance coaching session, directly with Mark Armiento.
  • Life Balance Advantage self-assessment
  • Listen to any personal life situation and challenges that might exist.
  • Provide motivation and help you take your first step towards discovering your Life Balance goals.
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Life Balance Advantage Bootcamp

$497 or $185/month for 3 months

Top features

  • 75 lessons: 15 hours of instruction
  • Personal assessment exercises
  • Supporting audio podcasts.
  • Access to Gavin's Village Community
    • Live group sessions with Mark Armiento and fellow students
    • Collaboration with fellow students.
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Mark is an accomplished author, speaker, and educator on mental and spiritual well-being


Father James Maher

President of Niagara University

“Mark is deeply committed to helping people grow personally and
spiritually. With his formidable skills and creativity his greatest gift is the
personal presence and his commitment to accompanying people in their
times of need. He is a blessing to all he serves”
Fr. James Maher; President of Niagara University

Mr. George Gretsas Esq.

Former Fort Lauderdale and Homestead, Fla. City Manager

"Mark’s team building and peak performance strategies
produced amazing results and our team started winning games in a big way.
In a very short period of time, we were able to restore the City’s financial
health and improve City services."

Phobay Kutu-Akoi

2012 Olympian, London Liberia's 100m dash record holder 

“Meeting Mark Armiento  at St. John’s University was by far one of the best things that happened to me throughout my college experience During my one-on-one meetings with him, I was able to make huge transformations in my life that once seemed unchangeable.  Mr. Armiento has helped me grow mentally and spiritually by giving me the tools of meditation and visualization, which made a tremendous impact on my life.  The growth that I’ve endured within the two years of knowing Mr. Armiento is unbelievable. I am a living testament of Mr. Armiento’s work"



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